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Common Foot Pain Problems




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Common Causes of Foot PainLighthouse Foot and Ankle Center administers care and treatment for a wide array of issues that lead to foot pain or sore feet for our patients. We understand that no two problems are exactly the same, but there are some conditions that we see more frequently than others.

Diabetic Foot Care

There are many podiatrists who shy away from this common problem that accompanies diabetes, but it is simply too important to your health for us to turn our backs like that. When you live with this condition, foot care makes a significant difference in your life. We will help you develop a preventative foot care plan to help ward off issues while at the same time providing care when problems arise.

Heel Pain

Waking to intense heel pain first thing in the morning is not something anyone wants to experience. With plantar fasciitis, your heel hurts when you wake or move after sitting or standing for an extended period of time, but will often go away as you walk around. Don’t mistake that for it getting better, though! If you experience this common foot issue, come in for an accurate diagnosis and a treatment plan to take care of your pain and discomfort.

Ingrown Toenails

When a piece of your toenail breaks the soft skin that surrounds the nail, it can lead to foot pain and create an opportunity for infection to enter the body. Fortunately, many ingrown toenails are caused by improper trimming technique that can be easily modified. Instead of rounding off your toenails when you clip them, especially the big ones, cut the nail straight across and keep it level with the top of the toe. When you do have an ingrown toenail, though, we are here for you.

Fungal Conditions

Whereas fungal toenails and athlete’s foot do not cause severe cases of foot pain, they still should be treated by a professional. Your feet can provide an ideal condition—damp, dark, and warm—for fungal and bacteria growth. Combine that with the fact that these microbial growths are frequently found in public locker rooms and pool decks, and it’s easy to understand why these are common problems for our patients.


A bunion is a bony protrusion that has developed at the joint where the big toe meets your foot and is often the result of ill-fitting footwear. When your toes are jammed together in shoes that are too tight or narrow, especially in the toe box area, your big toe starts to point in instead of straight. Shoes aren’t the only potential causes for this condition—we can help regardless of why your bunion appeared in the first place.

Stress Fractures

Stress fractures are common overuse injuries that often develop in individuals who begin workout programs. When you attempt to do too much too soon, your body has difficulty absorbing the force and stress that accompanies high-impact activities like running. They are often identified by pain in a specific location that worsens with time and goes away with rest. The best prevention for this is to ease into exercise programs and include low-impact activities like swimming and bicycling.

Ankle Sprains

It is not uncommon to think about ankle sprains as injuries that might be sustained by athletes in a wide range of sports. They do happen to athletes, but it’s quite easy for anyone to sprain an ankle in daily life. All it takes is one misstep or slip and your foot will rotate too far, thereby overextending the ligaments that connect the bones in your ankle. This condition results in inflammation and pain in the affected area.

Cold Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment method we use to treat a variety of medical conditions, including arthritis, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, and neuromas. The specific treatment we employ is known as Cold Laser Therapy, which is FDA-approved and has extensive documentation showing it to be safe and effective. The best part is that this therapy speeds up your natural healing processes and creates long-lasting results.


You can go to most major retail stores and nationwide pharmacies and buy over-the-counter inserts and arch supports. These mass-produced inserts can provide additional cushioning and support, but are not intended to correct medical conditions. Custom orthotics, on the other hand, are prescribed by a podiatrist and created specifically for your unique feet by our office.


It is our goal at Lighthouse Foot and Ankle Center to use state-of-the-art technology to effectively treat conditions that cause pain and discomfort for our patients. As such, we are proud to offer Neurogenx to help individuals who suffer with the pain that frequently accompanies nerve damage. We will continue to provide additional neuropathy treatment options, but this is a proven tool that can do more than simply manage the condition – it can even reverse the damage and restore nerve function.


Fungal toenails, also known as onychomycosis, is an embarrassing condition that keeps you from wearing sandals and enjoying warm weather activities. The KeryFlex nail restoration system can be the answer for this unsightly nail condition and others (split nails, nail deformity from injury, discolored toenails). This is an easy, convenient process that will leave you with great-looking nails!

It doesn’t matter what kind of foot pain or condition you are experiencing, Lighthouse Foot and Ankle Center will provide the first-class care and treatment you need. We are proud to serve the Scarborough, ME, community and you can schedule an appointment with us by calling (207) 774-0028 or using our online request form.

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